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As an Aesthetic Practitioners you are not supported by any public body. Clients looking for the treatments you provide are miss-fed information by the Media and Medical Fraternity and other interested parties causing confusion as to what is and isn’t legal in Aesthetic Practice. Your business is being undermined by this misinformation. Now is the time and opportunity for you to put the record straight. Skin On Point is open to Medical & Non-Medical Aesthetic Practitioners.

At Skin On Point we inform your clients about legislation and regulation giving any potential client confidence in you and the services you provide.  We won’t skew information to suit any interested parties just keep is simple and honest.  If you are working in Aesthetics this could be the place for your business to stand.

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Informing Clients About Safe Practice

Skin On Point, the National Association of Aesthetic Practitioners providing a safe place for you to choose a fully qualified Aesthetic Practitioner. All our members are fully trained and qualified under current U.K. legislation. By choosing a practitioner from our register you can ensure that you are receiving treatment for non-surgical cosmetic treatments in safe environments. We check all practitioners’ qualifications for you, choosing a member for your treatment is the best way to protect yourself from illegal and unqualified practitioners. We constantly review and update our register, complying with new legislation and re-registering all our members on an annual basis.

Our Directory Features

Who can join?

Any Qualified & Insured Practitioner, we will check the qualifications of all applicants to ensure you are placed on the directory only with other qualified and insured practitioners.

How much does it cost?

Membership is less than £10.50 month. Its very affordable and is the most cost-effective way to get your business found. Advertising is very expensive, together we can reach all our potential clients. At less than £10.50 month this site offers excellent value.

Membership recognition

Certificate of Membership and Logos to use on all your media platforms, each member will have a unique membership number to strengthen your position and make your membership accountable. SEO, Social media exposure and marketing through our advertising campaigns encouraging clients to chose a practitioner from Skin On Point.

Monthly newsletter

Monthly newsletter with information and offers relative to your business. Networking is key, we will share your stories and all practitioners will learn from each other. Access to Training &  UK suppliers, many suppliers will be providing us with offers on products and training for Skin On Point Members only. Think how much you could save on the products that you use on a day to day basis?  Monthly focus on a Training Company or Supplier, keeping you up to date with everything going on in Aesthetics today.

What are the benefits for your business?

Potential clients will be able to find your business safe in the knowledge that they are choosing a qualified and insured practitioner, providing a specialist and unique platform where clients can find Practitioners who are complying with current U.K. legislation. You will appear on the directory as an Approved Aesthetic Practitioner

Client reviews and star ratings 

Showcase your business and gain recognition & recommendations. Clients can leave a review and rating and it is these ratings which will encourage new clients to choose your business. Clients can find you quickly and are able to contact you straight away through your business entry.  This will give your business the edge over competition and boost new business enquiries.

Practitioner support

Access to advice, support & training to improve your treatments/services and support your business increasing client confidence and personal development. Information on training, whether accredited or not to make sure that if you pay for expensive training you can be assured that it qualifies for insurance. Information on the latest developments in legislation, keeping you safe.

How will Clients find your business

Your own entry on the register with links to your business.
Skin On Points Directory will be filled with information about your business.  Clients will be able to search by treatment and location. SEO and links to your website and social media will direct online searched to your business.

Encourage Clients to take responsibility

Client access to the only register exclusively for all qualified and insured Practitioners to encouraging clients to take responsibility for their treatment and only use a registered member of Skin On Point to avoid the potential consequences of using an unregistered practitioner

Report bad practice

Reporting of practitioners who are not qualified and are undermining your business, let us know who is undermining your business and we will investigate and report to authorities where we can, you can remain completely anonymous to protect you and your business.

Go to registration/login and fill out the registration form. Check out our list of treatments, tick the treatments you do and we will do the rest. If you have treatments available in your clinic that are not listed, let us know and we will look to add them to your personal business profile. Once we receive you application we will review and contact you for insurance documents and logos etc.

Training, Advance your Skills & Knowledge in Aesthetic Practice

Joining Skin On Point will automatically enrol you as a member of the National Association of Aesthetic Practitioners, an association working to improve standards and the profile of all Aesthetic Practitioners. We only accept members with Accredited Qualifications. If you are interested in training or re/training and want to avoid the pitfalls of un-accredited education we can help you find Best Course Providers in the U.K.

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